Collagen-Packed Recipes to Try

Chances are you’ve been hearing a lot about collagen lately, and why you should be adding it into your diet! Collagen is an abundant protein in the human body, but as we age, collagen production can naturally slow down. Collagen can improve the appearance and strength of your skin and hair (yes, please!), boost your metabolism, and help your body detoxify itself! Incorporating more collagen into your diet can be easy and delicious, so I rounded up a few of my favorite collagen-packed recipes to help get you started! Try making one or more of these recipes every week, and get ready to reap in all of the amazing benefits collagen has to offer!

1. Raspberry Pecan Smoothie Bowl via The Body Book

2. No-Bake Chocolate Energy Bites via Food52

3. Green Collagen Smoothie via HelloGlow

4. Glowing Skin Superfood Bites via The Body Book

5. Tropical Green Goddess Smoothie via Food52

6. 5 Minute Collagen Coconut Milk via Rachl Mansfield

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