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It seems as if every day there is a new trendy food brand that everyone is raving about (I’m not complaining!) and it can become a bit difficult to navigate at times. With the interest in healthy eating at an all-time high brings an incredible increase stocking your pantry with healthy options. My list could get very long so I thought I would let you know about a few hidden gems that may not be as familiar with. These items below have become staples in my pantries! 

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Futter’s Nut Butters

Pure and made to order, Futters Nut Butters products are produced in a gluten, dairy and peanut free facility. My absolute favorite is the walnut butter. Pro tip, sprinkle the walnut butter with cocoa nibs and it tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough!

Burroughs Family Farms

The whole mission behind Burroughs Family Farms is a collaborative effort to offer hand-raised and sustainably-grown products directly to you while protecting soil and water for generations to come. Their Olive Oil is my favorite at the moment due to the fact it is straight from northern San Joaquin Valley near Yosemite National Park. When buying olive oil try to stick as local as possible, whether than buying from Italy or Spain per say. It will taste better and is way fresher. Also try to stick to small dark bottles!

Mauk Family Farms

My favorite product from Mauk Family Farms are their Spirulina Crusts. Raw, Vegan, Gluten and Grain Free, these snacks make for the perfect alternative to bread or any kind of toast! Layer on eggs or avocado, the opportunities are endless! Also try their Wheat Crusts 😉


Lamakesh Organics

Organic Cocoa is antioxidant rich and also a metabolism booster and the perfect replacement for anything chocolate! I stick my 100% Organic Cocoa Wafers in the food processor for a pulse or two to get the perfect chunky consistency to add to my smoothie bowls.

Sunfood Superfoods

One of my all-time favorite Sunfood items is their Botija Olives. These olives are naturally loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Calcium and serve as the perfect addition to any savory dish and can also be eating as a snack right out of the bag (guilty!) Trust me when I say, you will be addicted!


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