The Best Ways to Combat Stress

Stress can affect you both physically and emotionally, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed! On top of daily stressors, the holidays can be especially stressful, so I wanted to put together my favorite ways to combat stress, in hopes that I can help you this season, too!

The first thing I always do when feeling stressed is to start taking deep breaths, and continuing throughout the day. It’s the most simple and effective way to relax the system. Taking a deep breath actually sends a message to your brain, telling it to calm down and relax!

I also love yoga as it gives me the opportunity to practice quieting my mind for a prolonged period of time. Yoga brings me back to the current space I’m in, and allows me to take what I learn on the mat and bring it with me into my “real life” (i.e. traffic in LA).

Meditation can also be really helpful when trying to combat stress. Headspace is a great app that guides you through meditations and mindful thinking – I highly recommend!

Finally, carving out some “me time” in your busy schedule can help relax your mind and get you feeling less stressed. Plus, getting primped is fun! I love a good blow-dry, mani and pedi, and of course, a massage. It’s important for me to stay on top of self-care, and that means both mentally and physically. Always make the time to do you!

What are your favorite ways to combat stress?

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